Dog trekking,
the pleasure of hiking!

Hiking with your dog,your faithful companion…

Live with your dog these unforgettable moments of private joy!

Is there a happier prospect than sharing one’s life with the most faithful companion of man?


A fantastic experience with your dog

But some precautions and preparations are needed when it comes to getting down to business.

Learn to know your dog well

Each dog is a particular individual with its strengths and weaknesses.

Keep Up With Your Dog

It is expensive to own a dog. Each dog needs quality food, medical care and general supplies.

Get ready for the dog hike

Adapt the ride to the capabilities of the animal and begin gradually.

Training Your New Puppy

Just like humans benefit from an annual physical, your dog should see the vet at least once a year.

Your dog’s health and safety

Your dog, happy and in great shape relies on your protection and supervision.

Proper puppy training

Training can be stressful at times, but learning as much as you can beforehand can be extremely helpful.


First of all, before you start, you will have to choose a hiking route. When choosing your route, consider choosing it according to your abilities. 700m elevation gain over 10km: if you suffer from hips, the idea is very bad … Your dog is rather sporty or rather domestic? Is he in good shape or is he having health problems? So take into account the physical abilities of your dog when selecting your playground.



Your dog is suitable for hiking? It remains to find the perfect place. Dogs are prohibited (even on a leash) in national parks, some regional parks and some nature reserves – so as not to disturb wildlife. Some refuges and gites also refuse animals. It is therefore necessary to inform you well before leaving. Violating this prohibition might expose you to a large fine. You have to adapt to your hiking companion.

Prepare your dog well

A quick check list is needed! It’s the necessary equipment for the health and minimum comfort of the dog that you will have to take with you for the most part.


Dog trekking equipment

Get your check-list out !


Your dog’s well-being

It’s all that counts!


Man-dog relationship

Your friendship is key!


Dog treatment

Have good control on your dog.

Train Your Dog At Home

Positive training is key in training a dog. You must be consistent and patient throughout the process. Make sure some time is set aside every day for training your dog. The best amount of time for training your dog is approximately fifteen minutes. Any longer could cause them to become bored.